large sized_motorised_double sided_decoiler Schwerlasthandling

Large-sized Double Decoilers

The range of Large-sized Double Decoilers covers machine sizes with main data indicated below:

  • Max coil weight up to 2 x 10.000 kg (bigger load upon request)
  • Material widths up to 1.500 mm
  • Max outside diameter up to 1.700 mm (bigger upon request)
  • Expansion range 470 - 530 mm
  • Versions with hydraulic sliding wedge expansion
  • Versions as large-sized Pull-Off Decoilers without drive
  • Versions with constant-speed drive plus acceleration- / braking ramp by frequency converter, aprox 10 r.p.m. at the decoiler shaft
  • Versions with variable-speed drive by frequency converter

Optionally for these Large-sized Double Decoilers there are accessories available, like for example:


  • Loop control by initiator (proximity switch), lever arm or ultrasonic sensor
  • Pneumatically operated hold down arms with non-driven pressure rolls
  • Hydraulically operated hold down arms with non-driven pressure rolls
  • Hydraulically operated hold down arms with driven pressure rolls
  • Pneumatically closing disk brakes
  • Pneumatically opening disk brakes (fail-safe)
  • Hydraulically operated lateral traversing unit, travelling distance 300 mm
  • Coil limiting arms
  • Expansion range enlargement for 570 – 630 mm by additional segments

Please inform us about your requirement regarding the Large sized Double Decoiler searched by you. Basing on the base machines listed here plus optional available accessories we can configurate your individual Large-sized Double Decoiler. We are prepared to check and realize additional adaptations of the decoilers, whereever requested by you.  

Please contact us by phone or email.

Tel.: 0049 2156 419193
Fax: 0049 2156 4979325

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