Overhead Transport System

Increasement of Productivity by Optimisation of Use of Resources

Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH, together with you, would like to optimise the handling of your light weight prefabricated parts and components by use of the "Eton5000 Overhead Transport System of our partner ETON SYSTEMS AB and thereby offer to you interesting productivity advantages. Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH is acting as the German Representative of ETON SYSTEMS AB.

Handling of light weight prefabricated parts or components with a few kg of own weight only, under usual working conditions very often is a very time- and space consuming work. This is valid specially in case of several work steps to be done at the parts at different working stations. 

Very often the parts are moved from working station to working station within boxes or other containers, usually by forklift truck. At the single working place the part is taken out of the box manually by the worker. Then he does the treatment of the part and afterwards he manually puts it back into the box. Delicate surfaces are to be packed with biggest care and, if needed, to be protected against damage by separating material. This "repacking" is very time intensive and not very productive.

At each working place space is needed for the box with the incoming material and for the box with the outgoing material, inclusice space for driving the forklift or another floor-based transporter.
Space generally is expensive and storage places in the production area are not productive. Also floorbased transportation vehicles and additional employees for driving them will be needed.  

Using the ETON5000 System

  • the needed products will be transported "overhead" from working station to working station, without unpacking and repacking them
  • the products to be treated will be lowered down to the single worker at each working station, they will be treated by him and afterwards they will be lifted up again and transported to the next working station.
  • additional usable production space will be created on floor level, as the ETON5000 System will work within the free space between ceiling and floor of the building. It can be installed at the ceiling or on a mezzanine floor which can be hooked at the ceiling or fixed on columns on the floor.
  • buffer stations can be installed
  • sorting stations can be installed
  • via software and RIFD-chips you always know at which place any product is at any moment
  • you can react to any changes of production extremely flexible
  • you can supervise the production via software and you have a perfect control and tracability
  • via software you can improve quality control to perfectness
  • had already been reached productivity increasements of up to 30% - 100%
  • cost of quality problems had already been reduced by 30% - 70%
  • payback times between 9 and 24 months are possible to be reached 

The ETON5000 System is used at a lot of industrial branches, also in Automotive. Here for example it is used for assembly / finishing of dashboards, inner door covers, car ceilings, exhaust systems, any kind of covers, coolers, air filters. It also is in use at producers of plastic clips, office furniture and office chairs, phones, vacuum cleansers and a lot of others.

With pleasure we also would like to talk to you regarding the use of the ETON5000 System at your production and to discuss the possible advantages which you can expect.
Please do not hesitate to contact us. We also will consult you at your factory.

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