Lifting Tables

Indispensable at the Production Flow of a lot of Industry Sectors

At a lot of sectors of industrial production as well  as at many assembly- and maintenance areas lifting tables are indispensable. Independent from the question whether the loads of any kind are to be lifted up or lowered down, or whether employees are to be lifted up to a certain working height, in most of the cases these tasks are solved by lifting tables. 

Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH offers to you a comprehensive program of lifting tables, in standard versions as well as in special versions. Hereby Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH has access to the 40 years of experience of their cooperation- and production partner CEFAM S.A. from France. Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH is exclusively doing sales for CEFAM S.A. at Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 
More than 30.000 produced lifting tables and platforms actually are in operation worldwide. About 40% of them are built as standard versions and about 60% of them are made as special versions. We will be proud also to produce your lifting table according to your desired dimensions. Let's talk about it. 
On the subpages to this page "lifting tables", which will be available within short time, you will see our individual lifting table series. If there will be something that you might not find on these pages, we will be proud to produce it for you as " special edition"      


The lifting tables offered here are very modern CAD-constructions of a modular system. They can be used for a lot of applications. They qualify by their very high level of functionality, safety, stability and simple handling. They are used as assembly lifting table and  loading equipment, also as lifting components within bigger lines.

As standard versions they are available in different variations, as single scissors type lifting table with usable stroke up to 1.600 mm, as double scissors type lifting table with usable stroke up to 2.600 mm and as tandem scissors type lifting table with extra long lifting platform, 2 scissors and a usable stroke of up to 1.600 mm.

Special versions of lifting tables with multiple scissors for extremely high lifting heights, specially flat built lifting table versions with external hydraulic aggregate, very long lifting tables with several scissors in a row and a lot of other versions of lifting tables can be made.  

The platforms of the lifting tables can be made as simple platforms, or as special versions, also as rolling and turning platforms. By this way a simple lifting table easily can become a special lifting table for special applications. 

As an option most of the standard lifting tables can be equipped with lifting table accessories, like for example hydraulical final damping of lowering process, hydraulic aggregate with double speed for lifting / lowering, special frame for integration into a pit, and a lot of other things.

Upon request lifting tables can be delivered as hot zinc dipped version or as stainless steel version, also as lifting table in explosion-proof "EX"-version.

Please let us have your requirement regarding lifting tables. We will be prepared to provide you with an interesting offer.

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