Lift Arms E-Muskel and H-Muskel

Ergonomic Handling of Loads of any Type

The lift arms E-Muskel and H-Muskel are ideal lifting devices which, depending on their load capacity and version, enable your operators to move loads up to aprox 1.000 kg and with difficult outside dimensions safe and without any physical stress.

The lift arms E-Muskel and H-Muskel convince by their simple and reliable design and in combination with customer-specific tools they allow turning- and tilting movements of materials into any direction. The hydraulics takes care for precise and stepless movements. During daily work with the E-Muskel or with the H-Muskel the weight of the load up to the max load as well as the positioning of the arm are not important for the operator, due to the unique weight-balance of the E-Muskel and the H-Muskel.

Tools and equipment for the E-Muskel and the H-Muskel are developed in cooperation with our customers and there are nearly no limits of possibilities. We offer pneumatic solutions as well as vacuum-solutions and hydraulic solutions.

If you will have any questions regarding our Lift Arms E-Muskel and H-Muskel, we will be at your disposal for clarification of any questions at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

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