Coil Transport Cart CTW

Always a Solution for any kind of Coil Transport


Coil Transport Carts CTW are used for indoor transport of mainly heavy coils and for loading these Coils onto decoilers and for offloading these coils from recoilers.

Very often it is necessary to move presses including their coil feeding lines within production buildings, due to reorganisation of the production site, caused by need of additional production space at a certain part of the production building. This very often causes the problem, that at the new place for the press with the coil feeding line there is no overhead crane available and / or no coil loading table for loading of the decoiler or offloading of the recoiler.
Also the transport of coils from the coil storage to the decoiler and from the recoiler to the storage or shipping department can become a problem, if coil feeding line and coil storage are located within different buildings or different parts of the building without end-to-end crane runway.

In such cases the Coil Transport Cart CTW is the most cost effective and most flexible solution and can proof its advantages:

  • Transport of coils between decoiler and coil storage as well as between recoiler and coil storage or shipping storage, independently from any kind of crane
  • Loading of coils onto decoilers without coil loading tables and without crane accessability
  • Offloading of coils from recoilers without coil loading table and without crane accessability
  • Offloading of coils from coil tilting tables and distribution of these coils to decoilers of different coil feeding lines
  • Coil storage at coil feeding lines by changeable prisms, for the next coil change to be done quickly
  • Extreme manoeuvrability of the Coil Transport Cart CTW and a much smaller need of space than a forklift truck with comparable load capacity
  • Extremely precise handling during coil change, very important specially for big coil widths
  • Coil Transport Carts CTW are adopted specifically to the intended working conditions
  • Version of Coil Transport Cart CTW with prism, with mandrel or alternately with mandrel and prism

As standard version the Coil Transport Cart CTW is controlled by a radio control. By this way the operator always can watch and influence the process of loading / offloading of a decoiler or recoiler from best possible and safest position.

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