Coil Packaging

Singularising, across-strapping, stacking within the cycle times of your slitting lines

Slit strips out of slitting lines has to be strapped professionally before transport to external customers and / or internal transport to storage or to coil processing lines. This is to avoid that on the way to their destination the coils / slit strips will not be damaged, for example by unintended springing open of slit strips with high yield strength or sidewise movement of single layers up to damages at the slit strip edges, which might cause that the coil / slit strip lateron might not be able to be used.

Slit strips usually are strapped by each 3 or 4 across straps.

After that they are to be stacked in a suitable way, usually onto corresponding pallets, on which they will be transported away after having reached the intended stacking height. During stacking of the single slit strips they are separated by interlayers, for example by square timbers to be placed between them or by other separating material.

Important also for organisation of the coil packaging / slit strip packaging is, that the packaging process is organised in a way that the packaging speed will fit to the cycle time of the slitting line in front of the packaging line.
As all slit strips of one slitted coil always are positioned onto one arm of a turnstile, these slit strips positioned on one turnstile arm need to be ready strapped and stacked before the turnstile will be turned to the next position, in order to pick up the next set of slit strips from the recoiler of the slitting line. Only by this procedure the slitting line can be operated with optimum output and in a best profitable way.

The working processes described above can be automized by using coil packaging lines, which pick up the slit strips from the turnstile arm single, one by one, tilt them and strap them across by 3 or 4 straps and then stack them onto suitable transport pallets.

Such Coil Packaging Lines we can offer to you, made by our partner KBD Engineering at Colone, for whom Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH is doing exclusively the German Sales.

The coil packaging lines consist of modules which are combined and adopted for your individual need. They are very compact and energy-optimised.

Beside of coil packaging lines for across strapping and stacking we also can offer to you systems for lengthwise coil-  / slit strip strapping to be installed directly at the turnstiles.
Our corresponding detailed pages on this website surely will be very interesting for you.

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